Coronary Stent

Basic overview

  • This is a test that involves the insertion of a small catheter into the wrist (radial artery) or leg (femoral artery). The catheter is then manoeuvred to the aorta (main blood vessel exiting the heart) under fluoroscopy (low-dose x-ray), and contrast dye is injected to directly image the heart arteries.
  • Once the arteries are seen, a small wire is inserted into the catheter and eventually down the heart artery.
  • Various devices, including balloons and stents can be placed on the wire and moved to required position within the heart artery

Indications for the test

  • Severe narrowing or blockage in the one of the heart arteries

What to expect

  • You will be guided through the procedure on the day, including the risks (<1:1000 chance of a serious complication in experienced hands – including a very small chance of a stroke or damage to a heart artery)
  • You will have a cannula inserted into your arm so that sedation can be given (technically you are still conscious for the procedure, but very drowsy).
  • After assessing the best access site for the angiogram catheter (wrist or leg artery), your doctor will numb the relevant area with local anaesthetic.
  • The procedure may take about 20 to 30 minutes (but depends on the number and complexity of the stents).
  • Once finished a small band will be placed on the wrist, or if access was via the leg, your Doctor may push on this for about 10 minutes depending if your leg was suitable for a small closure plug.
  • You will be moved to a monitored recovery bay until the sedation has worn off, and then to a bed on the coronary care ward where you will generally be monitored overnight

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